Tuesday, April 23, 2013

St. George's Day

Today, April 23, is St. George's Day in England. However, many other countries celebrate the feast of St. George including Iraq, Lebanon and Albania. As one would expect, Georgia also celebrates St. George's Day but not in April - this former republic of the USSR celebrates twice a year on 6 May and 23 November.

St. George by Rafael

Saint George is also associated with several areas of Spain, especially in Catalonia. One of the most charming Spanish, or should I say Catalonian, traditions takes place on St George's Day. On that day, men give women roses and the ladies give their man a book. The custom is to celebrate Catalonia's patron saint and to commemorate 'World Book Day' - on 23 April 1616 both Shakespeare and Cervantes died. April 23 was also Shakespeare's birthday so no wonder the day is important in literary circles!

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