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Alpine Holiday 1971

In 1971, I went on a coach trip around the Alps. Only a few of my old photographs remain so I have taken the liberty of using some from Panoramio.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip despite flight problems that were exacerbated by the holiday company not being able to contact me of the change of schedule. I had travelled from Brighton to London Victoria early and left my suitcase at 'left luggage' in order to spend a few hours sightseeing. Later, having retrieved my suitcase, I made my way to Victoria Coach Station and boarded the coach that was to transport me to Luton Airport. A short while later, I wondered why the road signs were indicating such places as Canterbury, Folkestone and Dover. I was a bit reserved in those days so I didn't want to ask other passengers why we were travelling in the direction of Kent. I did wonder if the travel company had arranged for our coach trip to start from Calais or Ostend instead of Basle. Eventually we did arrive at an airport - Manston Airport in Kent!

"Oh! There you are, Mr Bovington! We have been trying to contact you all day!"

It transpired that I wasn't the only passenger booked on the Luton to Basle flight that couldn't be contacted and so we passengers who had arrived at Manston had to wait a further passage of time for the others who had made their way to directly to Luton to be ferried to the Kent airport.

Eventually, we took off and a several hours later we were on our coach travelling from Basle to Vipiteno in Italy. It was a pleasant drive through delightful scenery and I am sure that I wasn't the only one who was a tad tired when we arrived in the Italian town some 36 hours after I had left Brighton.

Here is a photographic account of some of the places I visited:

Vipiteno, Italy photo joeri Goossens
I spent 3 nights in Vipiteno. Whilst there, I went on an excursion to Riva del Garda. The coach trip was exhilarating and I did nervously wonder how the driver could get such a large bus around some of the hairpin bends! I think the Dolomites are the most spectacular of the Alpine mountain ranges.

Dolomites photo Marco Vanzo

Riva del Garda is located at the north-western corner of Lake Garda. It is an extremely attractive town located in the northern Italian province of Trentino.

Riva del Garda photo rivaarryroby

The next place I stayed was in Zirl, a small town near Innsbruck, Austria.

the hotel  in Zirl

Another excursion to Obergurgl, Austria...
on the way to the cable car

an old postcard of Obergurgl

At an elevation of 1,930 m (6,330 ft), Obergurgl is the highest parish in Austria. I travelled even higher - I took the cable car to the mountain-top! - and had a snowball fight with a young lady. At the time, I thought it was weird going from bright sunlight to snow!

I also spent one night in the Black Forest, and one night in Vaduz in Leichtenstein...

an old postcard of Vaduz castle
I also spent a number of days in Switzerland and visited the Rhine Falls, Berne and Luzern...

Rhine Falls

The Rhine nr Shaffhausen
Luzern was a very attractive town...

Whilst in Luzern, I took a boat trip...

Lake Luzern photo Jeff7500

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